On film! Rusland Horizons

film crewFilm makers Tom Lloyd & Tim Fleming

Back in Autumn, on a volunteer work day when things really were in full swing – painting shadow boards, labeling tool handles, cross checking the catalogue , we had a visit from some film makers from Whitewood & Fleming  who were making a short documentary for the Rusland Horizons project, also funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Rusland Horizons project, based in the Rusland Valley which borders the location of the Walter’s Tools project, aims to “provide opportunities for people in the valley and beyond to learn about the heritage, to become actively engaged through volunteering across a range of activities, to acquire practical, saleable skills and to better understand, explore and enjoy the landscape.” So we made a rather good fit.

The film has recently been made public. Watch it here (we are at 05.40)


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  1. lovely film – just as I remember it. Many thanks to Sarah, Grace and all and to Bill for the resurrection.

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