Walter Lloyd (1924 – 2018)

It is with great regret that we must announce the death of Walter Lloyd, the inspiration for this project.  He lasted long, but he died aged 93, on 15th January 2018. Many of the collaborators on the Walter’s Tools project were present at the funeral,  and a transcript of the funeral eulogies and photographs will be found here:

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Walter will be very much missed by many people, and this website is now a fitting memorial to his love of life,  his apparently inexhaustible reservoir of interesting information and tall tales, and his enthusiasm for the history and the future of the Lake District woodlands.

We extend our sympathy to Walter’s partner and inseparable companion, Sue, whose care and attention helped Walter to last so long and to stay cheerful and optimistic in his latter years. Rest in Peace Walter.


Update and Acknowledgements

In 2019 The New Woodmanship Trust, which initiated the Walter’s Tools project, amalgamated with the Rusland Horizons Project, and the tool collection has been handed back to Walter’s estate, in the the care of his son Bill Lloyd. This marks the end of the beginning of the the project.

Thanks are due to Sarah Thomas and Grace Holland who directed and administered the project of behalf of The New Woodmanship Trust, whose Trustees steered that groundbreaking organisation through 35 years of changing policy and changing climate. Particular thanks are due to the many volunteers and professionals who gave so much of their time to bringing an idea into a reality.

Bill Lloyd is now the custodian of Walter’s Tools, and looking at ways of securing the project into the future,and finding a permanent home for the collection.  It is possible that the tool display could become an exhibition, rather than a lending library, and any suggestions for a possible home will be welcomed.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the past, present or future of Walter’s Tools,
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Walter Lloyd (1924 – 2018 )