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Download Press Feature: A Quiet Industry.
An account of the project first published in Dark Mountain, Issue No 8: TECHNE. The full issue is available to purchase as a download here. This issue is particularly resonant with the values of the Walter’s Tools project, with heavyweight authors including Bill McKibben

Download Press Feature: The Tools of The Glade


Dayve Ward – Photographer

An excellent series of Dayve Ward’s photographs of the Walter’s Tools project will be found here:


An interesting angle on Walter’s Tools written by Charlotte Du Cann & Michel Bauwens from The P2P Foundation, appeared in The Guardian. They observe that the process of renovation and repair, and the processes of sharing, volunteering and community, formed a central plank of the Walter’s Tools project. Full article here: Guardian article
Beneath its ruthless, business-as-usual veneer, Britain hosts a colourful array of grassroots enterprises. Some of these are sparked into action by artists or dynamic working groups, many are crowdfunded, and all of them foster more friendly relations between people. Charlotte Du Cann, is one of the co-founders of the Grassroots Britain directory.


Almost 25 years ago in 1990,  journalist Joanne Colley from the Westmorland Gazette featured a story about a charcoal burner called Walter Lloyd. It begins,

Old WG article sm

“Lakeland charcoal burner Walter Lloyd was someone I was looking forward to meeting, and the experience wasn’t disappointing. The middle of a wood just outside Bouth on a fresh January morning is not somewhere you would expect to find a Cambridge University graduate and ex-emergency planning officer from Greater Manchester but then Walter is  no ordinary man. Home is a gypsy caravan, an old sink unit, a cupboard, the odd chair and a kettle on the fire.”

Walter is now 89, but not much of the above has changed, except that he is no longer a charcoal burner – though he’ll still gladly show you all the ins and outs of that dark art…..!


More recently, the Westmorland Gazette came over again to Walter’s current abode for a photo shoot and interview in the early stages of preparing for the Walter’s Tools project. Their article (below) was instrumental in the great response from potential volunteers, so thanks to them, and thanks to all the volunteers who have got in touch, and been down to help out! The online version of the article is here.

Wmorland shoot
Wmoreland article


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